Jul 4, 2011

leaving hogwarts

Ron Weasly, Harry Potter & Hermione Granger.
Ohoo...harry so cute isn't he? :)

Sobs sobs..it rily sad coz all these preety faces will be gone :( Soon we will see it closed...It was very very emotional .I remember i wept like a child when i read on the last chapter of the deathly hallow.I grew up with these movie and it's very very sad and heartbreaking to see one of the most successful movies of all time is ending and with it an Era. I still remember when i was 12,i read da first book and it made me feel like some kinnda falling in love! love..with all the characters,places and story.Since then i always stay with Harry untill the very end!

here are my collection of all HP's siries..but the 4th book still missing :(
i have to search it somewhere

teach me all about friendship and love :)

11 days more to go ,the time will come..and its all end this 15 July.I was planing to go 2 da cinema with my best friend Ridzuan Razali ..Maybe on 18 July.Mid valley...here i come!Its rily excited to watch the ending yau.Wat will happen,how the scenery and places...is it the same with my imagination and thought ?oho..no one can guess my expectation toward dis movie.Only a die hard fan of HP will understand my feeling. 

nebesss...untill the very end
p/s:please ignore all the gramatical error haha.till then..papai

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