Aug 9, 2011

My network provider

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Assalamualaikum.Hari ni kita story morry dalam Dwi Bahasa boleh?Ok amik nafas sat.Sedia,Mula!

Phewwww.Gotta tell you, Isha prayer and then Taraweh, with a stomach which is completely  full~~ it sure can tire you out.I’m really tabik spring to those who are successfully hit 20 rakaat one.Good job guys.Me? Tak larat den de (Okay, not really, but a thought came up, something I read on tumblr once):

“Where to my servant, somewhere better than Me?”

Yup..back again,why are we rushing prayer? Nak kata takut tertinggal bas,gi masjid naik scooter je punnn.Rilex sudah.Come on guys.It’s the month of Ramadan…Ramadhan! Bulan rahmat yang terdapat malam Lailatul Qadar, malam yang lebih baik dari seribu bulan.We devote almost the entire year to university stuff, almost the entire year to work and internship and other things - what about Allah?

What do we really have to do this late at night? Update facebook, blogging 24 hours,blog some tumblr, watch tv, cook and clean?*tau tau,saya pun macam tu…sebelum ni.Let me ask you something. When does Allah get His share of time? We spend hours texting, and on the phone with friends, on aim chatting it up with people. What about Allah? Let’s use Ramadan to implement good habits, and slow down our prayers, take our time, and contemplate on the prayers, the words.

Allah doesn’t have a blackberry or an iPhone,but he’s my favourite contact. He doesn’t have facebook, but He is the one that I’m relationship with,He doesn’t have twitter or blog, but I follow Him and He doesn’t have internet, but I am connected to Him…sometimes the signal is weak from my part but I will never ever change my network provider :)
Please ignore all the grammatical error.Lama dah tak menulis dalam BI..saje nak kasi polish sket.Till then,thanks for reading.

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