Nov 21, 2010

Talking To The Moon

Do you ever hear me calling?
Cause every night
I'm talking to the moon
Still trying to get to you

In hopes you're on

the other side
Talking to me too
Or am I a fool
who sits alone
Talking to the moon

I know you're somewhere out there

Somewhere far away


  1. i want you back!
    i want you back! hee

  2. my neighbour say im crazay
    but they dont understand
    you all i had
    you all i had

  3. At night when the stars
    Light on my room
    I sit by myself
    Talking to the Moon
    Try to get to You
    In hopes your on
    The other side
    Talking to me too
    Oh Am I a fool
    Who sits alone
    Talking to the moon

  4. Im feeling like im famous
    The talk of the town
    they say ive gome mad
    yeah im gone mad

    mood: crying

  5. riz :( .....(huging u)
    But they don't know
    What I know
    Cause when the
    Sund goes down
    Someone's talking back
    They're talking back