Nov 21, 2010

Don't Let The Hope Die


its quite awhile i 'm not updating my blog...For no reasons,there were so many things that happened around me in this couple of days.sometimes i felt like i just wanna give up n flee from all these stuff .i really hate this conditions and those feeling.perhaps if i can get rid of them..perhaps! humm. But,throw up the sponge is not in my dictionary .I will never surrender easily.I should motivate myself, i know myself better than anyone else and i know i can endure it here..the present for myself.

Dear myself,problems are common to all, but attitude matters.

What is life without salt and pepper? Of testing times and sorrows? I guess tasteless would be the word. In fact, they not only add taste to our lives, but also introduce us to new and unexplored sides of ourselves syg.

Paie,looking at the bigger picture, salt and pepper situations give us an opportunity to step out of our comfort zones so that we grow, learn, fight and survive.Chayyok2!!

Remember,life is like any other challenge. Once in paie, you only focus on winning and surviving, followed by happy moments when you propose a toast to victory and then get ready for another challenge.You should tackel this out,go for it! your love is a part of your life rite? :)

The happy moments just mark the celebration of your survival and victory, hence are short lived. So, don't complain about lack of them in your life, for, it's the challenge that you need to focus on and not the celebration.

However tough the going may become, you need to keep going. Don't ever give up. Have faith in Allah, yourself and him.
Till you have said before,life is a better make a better choice!

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