Nov 14, 2010

New Interest !!!

This cuti sem were quite bored.1 week already..and i keep thinking....what shall I do...what shall I do???? Still can't decide...huhu.....perhaps when the time comes, the idea will pop into my head. :) As usual..weekdays,i am all alone in dis home sweet home ngee..taking care of the whole household chores.sometimes berangan la jadik a good housewife hihihi..Actually ,there r so many things that i have 2 handle here,do i need 2 write all the household chores checklist?haha. My parents r so busy with their work and i think my homecoming are quite a relieved to them  ^_~ is Sunday. I can concentrate fully on my lappy hehe..Guys..u noe wat..i found a new interest au. Check dis out

they r cute isn't it? i have collected and grab so many pic of those handmade cards.I am loving it!! I am sure most of you will love it too..Who knows  one day I might be a designer of handmade cards,  making things that make the universe sings in my heart. hehe..


  1. yeah!! bezday riz nnt, riz nak hand made bezday card dr paie. nak yg paling cantik taw paie. hehehe

  2. insyaAllah..paie try buat tuk riz k..
    kite nk wt yg plg buruk skali hehehe ^_~