Jan 24, 2011

my dear...please...please understand us.i love u.

sometimes ,what we are doing can hurt others feeling.people around us! please...please stop it my dear.please stop being silence n kind of menyendiri tnpe sebarang penjelasan..n buat kami rase yg bersalah teramat sgt.please think about us too.we worried about u..care bout u.juz make a little change bout urself.its doesn't matter if u blame me,i do dis  for ur own sake.we as a famly,we loved each other and live togather,but when its comes to feeling,each of us r responsible too.sometimes,i cannot understand u.why ur acting like dat..n why all those thing happen.i noe...not all the thing we have too explain..but dats not the way how too exprees ur own thought..its rily hurting us baby.at least..said it..Let us noe..
-lots of love-

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