Dec 3, 2010

miss someone

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hum....for this couple of days, i'm really miss someone.I have sad feelings pretty often.My world may seem dark and unfriendly...felt like i have nothing to look forward to.Every nite i will talk to the moon n it helps me alot ! by doing so, i can feel like a heavy blanket is being lifted from my shoulders.

But then..the hurt deep inside, crush my mood.Thank god there have fb n fwen to cheer me up.But these sadness makes me feel like crying, and sometimes the tears are hard to stop.I don't know why but crying often makes me feel better.Sometimes i just feel like i wanna be alone for a little while..but sometimes i  want someone to comfort me or just keep me company.

This sad feeling goes on for too long, hurts too deeply, and makes it hard for me.I'm feeling empty ,guilty, lonely ,unloved,feeling like things are not fun anymore,and of course crying a lot, often for no reason.

I just miss him.I know i'm too selfish and meby too childish for not understand his condition.I rily try my best to understand,i just can't control my feeling.Sometimes i’d get jealous easily  and i know i 'm like a crybaby...alwez feeling sad about nothing big,but he always be patient with the situation not to worsen it.

I noe ,i noe... 
but..deep inside
I just wanna be like we used to be before.
I pray to Allah to make me stronger and i know this how Allah deals with me.
I know when I just stand there in tears because i can't think of anything else to do.. That's when Allah  picks me up and loves me and forgives me.
He alwez there for me.

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