Nov 23, 2012


Is it true people change?

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It has been a while since the last post I wrote..I mean ya.. blogging like the old time~ It's not that I've been extremely busy not to spark off my regular thoughts, stories or even my craps in this pretty obsolete blog, it's just that, time speeds so fast you couldn't travel or even fly along. Hmm..Almost 5 months.. and I have my own reasons that drag me to be in this kind of no-interest in updating my blog. First of all,forgive me if this entry is kinda quite long and please bear with all the grammatical error down here.Long time no write hee :)

Time flies. There are so many things that have happened to me. Soooo  much to be much to be describe. There’s a moment when I was very happy and also moments when I’m having sad and difficult time even mood swings. Yeah. The mood does swing all the times. Sometimes, I’m felt like having in a recovery mode. Hide in silent, hoping my life gets better, dreamed about my desire, pray for my deep wishes to come true. Give and give, a lot! Feel the pain, scarifies, cry and smile again.

There were a lot of things that's been hovering on my mind. I was wondering about these and those. What if this happens, and what if that happens. And the most fearful part is what's gonna happen in my future. But thanks for that long journey, I finally found myself. Becoming closer to find my own path, understand myself much more better. What I want the most. Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah.

I did scribble some thoughts to be mentioned here,

of what had been happening these days

of all the time that I have been through

of all the feelings that I figured out to be remarkably existing in human heart

of how I survived to become a degree holder candidate after struggling 4 years of study

of me having the most memorable final year’s life at university

of how I ended up living  in s.a and survived alone for these LI

of the stressful industrial training days with total of 6 website that I have to settle up in 3 months duration

of when I got myself wandering around in town for a couple of hours alone, search for the courage to stay strong on my hard days at the office.

of how I trying to adapt life of a working man,woke up early in the morning,work work work,back at 6.00pm, sleep at 10pm or earlier. Seriously no life!

of how I’m so blissful to meet up new friends that was very kind as well as my phone got sick and hospitalized but fortunately treated by a very helpful person

of how I’m grateful enough to have new housemate that very friendly, loved to cook, we also perform congregational solah and read Yassin together every Thursday.

of me being so happy seeing my bestiest every free weekends.

of me being aggressively indulged with masses of Kinder Bueno,(for truth, KB have its own sentimental value for me) 

of us having fun in snow walk and BT

of when I have to start get to know and close to someone else apart from him

of when I felt nothing have changed and never change

of when I decide to stay

Please bear it guys.I know its kindda...heartyiiiee thinggyy heee

of when I realized that the feeling can’t get rid  just like that
of when I admit I still loved the same guy

And for the record, What makes me realize from what I've been through is, you gotta keep on moving.

Experience teaches you to be tough
To be more matured
To be ready for further outcomes
To be learn something precious
To be feel something that you never felt before
To be in many environment and condition
To be prepared of whatever comes around
To feel the depress feeling, the pain, the joy, the laugh
To choose,
To decide

There comes a point in your life when you realize: what /who matters, what/who never did, what/who won't anymore and what/who always will. So, don't worry. Allah knows best. Just Pray and decide, lead the way you want it. 

I always knew.InsyaAllah, HE always with me, guide me and loved me more than anyone else. Thank you Allah.

p/s:14 days of work to go
Still counting!!

with love.XOXO.P.Publish (nak jugekk istanbul aku BM.Well, TAK KAN MELAYU HILANG DIDUNIA! =) )

OH..btw,ade org tu dah tgk bella,i sentap seminggu you!
ade org tu merajuk tah kenape sebab musababnye, i lagi merajuk 100x.

Till then,bye guys.

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