Mar 31, 2011

Muet Speaking Tips !!!!

Korang..Muet minggu depan seh!
Bwh nie ade tips tuk korang.
Bce lah k!Kompem x rugi.
Nak print pun boleh.
Goodluck guys!!
Each 2-min presentation should include 5 important elements:
1.       Greetings
2.       Repeat situation from the question
3.       State the point given to you
4.       3 pts with relevant explanation & examples
5.       Conclusion
1.       Good morning to everyone.
2.       Good morning I bid to one and all.
3.       Good morning to the examinerS and all candidateS.
4.       A very good morning I wish to all examinerS and fellow candidateS
Repeat Situation
1.       Today we are talking about…
2.       The situation I have been given is…
3.       According to the situation…
4.       Based on the situation given…
State the point given
1.       I would like to give 3 reasons for my point which is…
2.       There are 3 reasons to support my point which is…
3.       My point is ________ so to elaborate I would like to discuss 3 reasons.
4.       I think that ____________ is the best idea.
3 Pts (Explanation & Examples)
1.       Firstly, I think that…This is because.. Moreover,... For example,…
2.       Secondly, another reason is… In addition,… For instance,…
3.       Finally, in my opinion…Furthermore,… A good example is...
1.       In conclusion, this is the best point because…
2.       To conclude, I still agree that…
3.       In a nutshell, I feel that…
4.       In short, my idea is the best because…

p/s:  It’s ok if you don’t speak on 3 points.No penalty as long as you develop even one point well with good elaboration and examples. The 3 points we stress on is just for don’t have a conclusion.No penalty but if you manage to do a conclusion you will logically score higher because your presentation is more structured.   ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TALK NON-STOP FOR 2 MINS!!!!
Task B 
·         I agree with you. (NOT: I’m agree.)
·         That’s a great idea!
·         I see your point!
·         That’s an interesting perspective.
·         I like your suggestion.
·         Indeed!
·         I concur with your point of view.
·         I’m sorry but I disagree.(NOT: I’m not agree)
·         I’m afraid I have to disagree with your idea.
·         I don’t see eye to eye with you.
·         That’s not a good idea/suggestion.
·         I beg to differ
·         Excuse me, may I interrupt please.
·         I’d like to add something please.
·         May I say something?
·         Could you please hear me out.
·         Pardon me but could I add something please.
·         So what do you think, Candidate X?
·         How about your point of view?
·         Candidate X, would you like to give us your opinion?
·         Does anyone agree with me?
·         Why don’t we consider the other points?
·         I don’t understand, can you please repeat?
·         Any suggestions?
·         In conclusion, ALL OF US agree that…
·         To conclude, MOST OF US agree that…
·         In a nutshell, SOME OF US agree that…while SOME OF US prefer…
·         As time is running out, it seems that ALL OF US CAN’T AGREE on which option is the best because each point has many advantages and disadvantages.
Just for you :)
8 Smart Tips for Scoring in Speaking

1. Memorisation Technique:

First understand then learn all the multipurpose phrases introduced here because they work in all situations.

2.Fishing Technique:
Read the situation carefully then ask the examiners what it means (even if you are sure you understand because they could give you extra points or vocabulary

3. Parroting Technique:
If you really go blank, don’t worry. Just say you agree then repeat everything your friend just said. You’ll still get marks for participation.

4. Bimbo Technique:
If you have absolutely nothing to say, repeat this sentence: “I’m sorry, I don’t understand your point. Can you please explain it again?”

5. Cooperative Technique:
If your friend can’t remember a word/phrase or has trouble explaining their ideas, you MUST help him/her by suggesting other words/phrases/ideas. You will get points for teamwork.

6. Equal Opportunity Technique:
Never control a conversation by wanting to talk all the time and never giving others a chance. Instead, always ask other candidates their opinion. Encourage the quiet ones to speak up and you will get higher marks.

7. Anti-Donkey Technique:
Pay attention to the time and when it gets closer to the end of 10 mins, just try and agree with one person (even if you really don’t think so in real life! No point being stubborn in the test.)

 8. Concluding Technique:
Make sure you agree BEFORE going into the exam room who will be doing the conclusion. Pay close attention to the time and steer everyone to making the right conclusion.

P/S:It’s ok if…all of you CAN’T AGREE on a single should be able to decide on a single point within 10 mins of discussing, but if you don’t there is no penalty. your group doesn’t have a conclusion.No penalty but if you manage to do a conclusion you will logically score higher because your discussion is more structured.ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS DISCUSS ACTIVELY 10 MINS!!!!!
Finally…Don’t panic if you didn’tdo well in Task 1.You can still pass if you participate actively in Task 2.

Presented by,
Mdm. Audrey Koh
Speaking Examiner since 2003

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its the final countdown..!!

{Image}Only One cuak.Gigil tahap tak ingat..bile terbayang final yg makin dekat,nk makan pun tak lalu *tipu haha.Manjang lapo jek.Rosak diet.Tapi siyes mmg berdebar giller.Rase macam first time pulak nak amik exam.Harapan sy tinggi tuk sem nie..Klu boleh mmg nak naikkan CGPA sy yg sedia t**** tu. Alhamdulillah gap pun banyak,insyaAllah i'll try my very best n ma best shot for this sem.Awal sem aritu sy dah ckp,sy nak hadiahkan kptsn yg terbaik tuk diri sy sempena memulakan umur yg ke 21 ni an,i hope my wish will come true.Skarang yang penting FOKUS,USAHA,CUBA,DOA, TAWAKAL! Paie..u can do it girl!! 29 more days to go! Jum jeling2 schedule exam sy sem nie.

28 APRIL 2011    ENT600        Technopreneurship
29 APRIL 2011    ITT562         Routing Protocol and Concept
 4  MAY   2011    ITT440        Network Programming
 7  MAY   2011    ITT450        Information and Network Security
11 MAY   2011    ITT430        Microprocessor


p/s:Pray 4 me :)

DiGi Leap!

Mengundang an pic nie.Perghh smbal blacan diep terbaek! Hehe.Kat mane nak dapat?DC?Seksyen 2?Tak dpt deh..haha.Weekend lepas,sy join 1 aktiviti nie,as wakil FSKM.Aktiviti nie disertai lebih kurang 58 org n rata2 dri faculty chemical engineering,accounting and tourism.Program DiGi Leap nie bertempat kat  DIGI Telecommunications Sdn Bhd,Subang Hi-Tech Industrial Park,Shah Alam. At first mmg berat hati nak pegi,lepas dipujuk oleh miss Baain yg pun cair.Al Kisah,dengan tak tau pe bende alahnye program nie,sy dan baain pon berdating lah 2 org di sane.

The DiGi Leap! program is a 2-day non-residential undergraduate engagement program based on DiGi's unique brand values and corporate culture, focusing on the values of Encouraging Creativity, Promoting Innovation & Influencing Change.nteract with industry experts, take a guided tour of the DiGi office, learn through fun activities and games designed to encourage and challenge yourself to look beyond the conventional, think differently and build your confidence to generate out-of-the-box opinions.(DiGi Leap ,2011)

So banyak sgt aktiviti2 yg best2 giller gempak kitorang wat kt sne.Siap dpt men ipad gi.Yg paling best sure lah makanan dier haha.Plus ktrg dpt sim card free and simcard internet juga yg sume skali bernilai around RM40 ++.So cite pepanjang pun bosan kan,jum kita tengok gambar owkeh.layan~~~

Office Tour

Noodle ! Love dis game damn much!

Person to person


The best thing eva! Lets jamming bebeh.*jamming ke??

most dificult games :( phyco weh..

pilih je mane satu

Jalan jalan dapat angin
p/s:all pic taken from GLOBAL KNOX  and thia fb album.sorry,tau korang cri pic sy an an??haha.pic kt hp lum sempat transfer..cri usb x jumpe lak an haha.Next time i'll upload it ok.Till then,daa~~

Mar 30, 2011

careless remedy

the best place to cry would be 
under the blanket, 
with a pillow on top.
sometimes two. 
so that nobody can hear you and give u the pity look. 
besides, its so much better to just cry out loud 
as you'll feel good about it later. 
let it out.
just let the bloody tears out.

Mar 15, 2011

prasa pilihan

budi merangkak,
 akal menjalani, 
ikhtiar memilih, 
untung menyudahi



Tengah2 on9 tetibe sy terbace 1 kisah yang menarik.Jum kite layan cite tu nak?
Satu hari,seorang motivator memulakan seminarnya dengan satu cara yang unik.Sambil memegang wang Rm 100, dia bertanya kepada hadirin.
"Siapa yang nak duit ini?'

Kelihatan ramai penonton angkat tangan menunjukkn ramai yang minat.
"Saya akan berikan ini kepada salah seorang dari anda, tapi sebelumnya perkenankan saya buat ini dulu."
Dia berdiri mendekati hadirin.Wang itu diramas-ramas dengan tangannya sehingga renyuk.Lalu bertanya lagi," Siapa yang masih mahu duit ini?"
Jumlah tangan yang mengangkat tak berkurang sedikit pun.
"Apa jadi bila saya lakukan ini?"
Ujarnya sambil menjatuhkan wang itu ke lantai dan melenyek lenyekkan dengan kasutnya.Meski masih utuh, kini wang itu jadi amat kotor dan renyuk.
"Ok sekarang masih ada yang berminat?"

Tangan-tangan yang angkat ke atas masih banyak.
"Hadirin sekalian,Anda baru sahaja menghadapi sebuah pelajaran penting.Apapun yang terjadi dengan wang ini, anda masih berminat kerana apa yang saya lakukan tidak akan mengurangi nilainya.Biarpun renyuk ,lusuh dan kotor, wang ini tetap bernilai RM 100 juga .

Begitulah dalam kehidupan ini,kite seringkali terjatuh,tersungkur tekoyak dan mungkin dipenuhi kotoran akibat keputusan yang kita buat & situasi yang menerpa kita.Dalam keadaan seperti itu, kita merasa tak berharga ,tidak bererti.

Padahal apapun yang telah terjadi, anda tidak pernah akan kehilangan nilai di mata mereka yang mencintai anda,lebih2 lagi di mata dan pandangan Ilahi.Jadi walau bagaimanapun keadaan anda,anda masih mempunyai nilai yang tersendiri. Sayangilah diri anda, bertaubat jika membuat dosa, terus berusaha jika gagal, kerana sesungguhnya diri kita sangat berharga.Kita semua disisi Allah sama sahaja.Hanya Taqwa yang membezakan kita sesame manusia.
Artikel disumbangkan oleh:Saudara Faisal (

Mar 6, 2011

tak perlu cari publisiti murahan

Kepadamu..cukup cukup lah.
Medan itu bukan kau yang raja.
Kita berkongsi tapi kau persis anasir 
Menggugat keamanan medan itu.
Cubelah matang,kawal, faham dan fikir
Nak pertikai usia,kau dah capai kedewasaan
Mampu mengikoti contoh dan kau sendiri bakal contoh
Harus sedar diri rakan!
Sifat itu nyahkan.
Prasa2 kesatmu perlukah dijaja ?
di papar?
apa puas?
suka hati?
Dalam sedar, harga dirimu kau sndri yang jatuhkan!
apa tak sedarkah?tak tahukah?
ahaha..kau punya hak.Memang.
tapi aku jg punya hak.
teguran untuk kebaikan
sudah2 lah tu kawan.
tak perlu semua tu.

p/s:sedih tgk anak2 muda zaman sekarang yang alpa tentang nilai budi bahasa.

mencari momentum

As salam.Aha,igt dalam physic jek ke ade term momentum ?blog sy pun ade tau! korang ade?x de an?hehe.Pepagi lgi dah pasang niat mau kasi 1 entry sme korang.Pandang kiri pandang kanan,Oho...bersawang seh blog neh! katenyer :) Al maklumlah dekat sebulan lebih tak update haha.Paie paie..sibuk mengalahkan PM.So tetibe jadik rajin search layout2 blog..merate sy google.Susah btl nk jumpe sang Juara penawan hati.Akhirnya BOOOM! {mcm coding dlm exploit}  Terserempak pulak dengan layout ni.Amacam Cik Silence Thought,suke tak baju baru ni? Ha??kureng? Tau2..sangat PINKY kan?ehehe. Sy pon bukanlah die hard pink sgt punnnnn.Bukanlah miss pinky gitu.Takpe ..kite try dulu ek cik silence thought.Klu sy jumpe baju yg lagi seksi2 nnti sy pakaikan kat awak k!  bile tgk entry2 kat bawah ewww...pinky giller hehehe.pening2 lalat gak r.

Cakap pasai |momentum| ni kan,banyak bende yg brlaku semenjak tige menjak ni.Seperti,tugasan assigment yg menggunung,project yg terkumpul,serte kuiz n test yg tak berape nak mostly momentum yg kuat dan bersemangat pada awal2 sem dah mule menurun.ermm..ade lagi ke?haha.Semangat lain pulak yg membuak2 CONTOHNYA smgt gi shopping,hangout,karok,wayang dan yg sme waktu dengan nya.Haish..semester 4 dah nie paie.Cube lah pegang azam tu kuat2,at least smpai setengah thn! come on bebeh,belum terlambat lagi.Final ade lagi 45 hari gi.WHat??? 45 days only?? ohoho...terus gelabah.Gelabah t pun tk gne paie,u have to focus gurl! i'm focus starting from now!!! ok,tipu ,x leh nak fokus.Teringat rumah...dah sebulan tak jumpe ibu :( homesick kot! ..Ok paie,mggu depan balik then baru fokus ok? DEAL!