Feb 24, 2012

i miss you

Once upon a time there was a wonderful story called Harry Potter.A beautiful story that make me fall in love with.For every single page of 7 books that i have been read and every movies that i've enjoy watching it all over again,I could not help but feel a terrible pain in my chest.I miss them so much. 

While I agree that the story itself will never truly die, there is still that awful feeling knowing that the faces we know, the people we love now have to leave us.feel as though I have lost my very best friend. Those whom I have grown with, laughed with, cried with and loved with as though I was a part of the books and films myself. No words can accurately describe the love I feel for these characters and this story.

But most of all, I’d like to thank the characters themselves, for teaching me the greatest lessons I’ve learnt so far in my 22 years of life. To Harry Potter, who taught me that courage, loyalty and kindness will always win over evil. To Hermione Granger, my dear inspiration, for teaching me that intelligence is a trait to be embraced.To Ronald Weasley, who showed me what fierce friendship and love truly looked like. 


To Neville Longbottom, who showed me that bravery sometimes may take its’ time in coming to us, but when it does, it can change the world. To Ginny Weasley, for being brave enough to fight not only for love, but for family and friendship.To Hagrid, for showing me that that which is odd to the eye, can be kind to the heart. 

Neville & Ginny

To Luna Lovegood, for making me smile and loved your weirdness. To Fred & George Weasley, for teaching me how to laugh, even at the saddest of times. Draco Malfoy for showing me that family will always be worth fighting for. To Albus Dumbledore, for never overlooking the good in all hearts. To Minerva McGonagall for standing up to evil for the sake of her students. And, to Severus Snape, for teaching me that love, even that which is unreturned, is the most powerful magic of all. 

Fred n George

I will forever miss you, Harry Potter, but your story will forever beat in time with my heart.Now,all my worries on losing you are gone.With all trending stuff about you on twitter, and many more tumblr blog about you are being update everyday,i can cherish and remember our story more. I also appreciate how cool the Harry Potter Theme Park at the Universal Studio Parks in Orlando is, because the reality is,it will make our memory last forever! And yeahhhhh, it's AWESOME! I hope one day soon, i will ensure my self to get there and enjoy every moment of excitement.How i wish Malaysia can have this kind of theme park also =(

Oooo aammmmm geyyyy,i freakin' wanna go there so badly!
Here is the map of Harry Potter Theme Park
at the Universal Studio Parks,
 Orlando.Cool huh?

The old post

Know this place? Flourish and Bollts.Oh mai..we can find everything about Quidditch needs here including Golden Snitches, brooms, Quaffles,Nimbus 2001..remember Firebolt?Where Draco have given his entire slytherin quidditch team a new Firebolt for each player.Ohoo..not forget my fav Hogwarts school uniforms.Someone please bring me here.

Hogwarts Express yaww! When i see this picture,I imagine that i received an acceptable letter. "We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and here are your ticket hogwarts express at platform 9 3/4 " OMOOOO!

Hogsmeade Village , where Harry,Hermione and Ron enjoy their weekend trip together.

The Zonkos's Joke Shope! If i not mistaken,in the story of HP,Fred & George was the owner of this shop.I really wanna take home such items as a Extendable Ears and other assorted souvenirs. ehehe.Can't forget how Crookshank, Hermione cat's..spoil the spying scene in the third movie.

Trunk Hogwarts Suitcase.Already in my wish list!

The Castle of Hogwarts

Dragon Challenge.That flying car!! from the second movie,Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secret.

Hippogriff Rides..ohh..so interesting!!

One of my favourite shop in the stories.Ollivander shop! 
Where the wand choose the wizard! I will buy..seriously.A bulk! huh!

Honeydukes ,the shelves are lined with all manner of colorful sweets,including Fizzing Whizzbees, and Chocolate Frog.Remember? which contain a wizard trading card in each box.Harry got Dumbledore card in the first novel. Inside the shop you can fill up a bag of Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavour Beans. Yupss,EVERY FLAVOUR include earwax flavour eeuwww! 

All in one... HOGWARTS.Its awesome awesome and awesome!!! I'm sorry for my madness here haha.You should know that i'am a die-hard fan of Harry Potter..ececeh ! Ok..Enough said .

I will always miss you..Harry Potter.Always..until the very end.
You like Harry Potter
I like Harry Potter
We are now officially Best Friend =)

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