May 21, 2011

its over

Dear my self.After you’ve done all that you can do… After you’ve said all that you can say… You have to come to terms with the fact that some things just aren’t meant to be. You can never force anything to happen. Pressure does not always turn someone into a diamond. No matter how beautiful they look on the outside, the inside is a completely different thing.
No matter how hard it may seem to let go,you must do things youdon’t want to.Don’t hold on because of the fear of losing the person.I know deep in your heart,you always have wishes;
can’t we all just go back to when we were kids before we ever knew each other, before you hurt me, before it all begun.

Yeah,It’s so hard to believe that you loose, one of the most cherished things you have.Its still hurt to remember.Just walk away,let it go my dear.. because if it’s meant to be it will be.You have made that decision,the choice is yours.Don't ever regret it.Give up and go from him doen't mean your are lose.But actually you win the game bebeh! you already win.Thats the biggest courage i've seen in you.
InsyaAllah ,someday, you’ll find someone, and you’ll be loved.And you’ll feel loved.

And you’ll know how to love which is your real husband insyaAllah.All you have to do is start everything over and  learn how to forget him.Allah alway by your side my dear.He always there for you.Focus on what you have to do,aim for your dreams, love your parents more and build a precious friendship
You are strong.

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